Here is part two since I'm kind of stalled out on my Plane crash series, Comment, email, PM let me know you like it or why you hate it or whatever let me know.

We went into the store and quickly filled the cart with various groceries, after checking out the kid who was about my age though I didn’t know him probably went to the school across town asked if we needed help out. I was tempted to say yes but then said no I have it” After loading up the van with groceries we drove back home “Ms Sanders”

”Please Keith its Becky”

“Okay Becky, so I can do pretty much whatever I want?”

“Yes I’ll talk to you privately if you get too far out of hand, though I am afraid that I have created a monster” she said I pinched her nipple through her blouse. Becky pulled of at a strip mall that was right on the outskirts of town. “Wait here” she said Van and walked into the store that I would have otherwise ignored, it was a maternity store.

“Shopping for baby clothes already?” I asked.

“No but I thought it would be fun to hook my daughter up to a milking machine…” She smiled.
I blinked as she sauntered into the store. I rolled the window down and thought about the strange turn of events that had occurred in the last hour or three. Yeah I had made out a few times with a few girls but this was completely off the hook. I sat back in the pleather seat, he could do essentially whatever he wanted with all the girls in the house and probably Lacey too, no telling what else Becky had in mind. He loved the fact that he was going to have as much sex as he could probably stand. What she was proposing was ridiculous but it was, what was Becky trying to do? He was roused from his reverie as Becky put her purchase into the van. “We have a few other places I want to shop, but later.”

“Okay” I said as she started the car.

“I also have some other ideas”

“Do I want to know?”

“I’ll save it for a surprise later” She smiled as we pulled into the drive, back at the house and I helped unload the groceries with the rest of the girls helping out as well we managed to get it done really quickly. I rummaged around in the house until Becky asked me what I was looking for “Thumb tack Stapler or something like that?”

“Here you are,” she said opening a drawer and pulling out a box of thumbtacks. I walked over to the Belinda’s door, the door to the room that I was staying in and I tacked Becky’s panties to the door. Just as Belinda called us to dinner, Belinda and Becky Lacey sat down at the small table that was in the kitchen everyone else retreated to the Living room to eat while watching TV. I stood up to refill my drink I returned to the table and set my glass down on the table. I then moved behind Belinda and reached down and put my hands on her tits just lightly holding them in my hands. Lacey giggled and Belinda looked up at me in shock.

“Keith what are you doing?”

“Feeling your tits,” I replied giving them a gentle squeeze.

“In front of my Mom?”

“Sure why not?” I said.

“Because she is my mom?”

“No” I replied “Becky is my sex slave just like you will be”

“Oh my…” she squeaked as I pulled her nipples through her blouse.

“Your full of shit” Lacey said.

“Really you think so?” I asked, “Becky take your shirt off”. Becky smiled and started unbuttoning her blouse, she pulled it off and her melons swung free as she jiggled them over her mashed potatoes. Belinda’s tits on the other hand were the size and shape of large grape fruits where her mother’s were large cantaloupes or maybe small watermelons.

“Your serious” Lacey gasped. I nodded.

“Now Belinda I want you to take your top off and get under the table, open my pants and suck my cock until I finish dinner.

“I don’t, I am not sure I can” she mumbled.

“Hmmm what about you Lacey?”

“Me?” Lacey asked.

“Yeah” I said as I moved over beside her.

“I… I don’t know?” she stammered I pulled the straps of her tank top off her shoulders and down her arms exposing her bra encased breasts.

“Are you afraid?” I whispered in her ear as my fingertip traced the line of her bra. “I think you like the idea” as I slipped one of her straps off her shoulder her smaller breast popped out of her bra. “Show Belinda your serious about it take out my cock” she hesitated for a moment and then shrugged off her blouse and unfastened her bra. I sat down in my chair Lacey got down on the floor and crawled under the table.

“Mom!” Belinda said.

“What Belinda just because your too chicken shit to do what your friend and your mom would be more than happy to do”


“What? You want me to say that I didn’t enjoy getting a nice belly full of your master’s sweet cum?”

“Mom you didn’t?”

“Belinda I..” a loud slurping noise from under the table interrupted the banter as Lacey’s hot mouth enveloped the head of my cock. I kept my thoughts together as Lacey inexpertly mouthed my cock.

“You mother has decided that since you have never really had a man in the house that I should be the man of the house. That means that I make the rules and everything I say goes.”

“Mom you can’t possibly.”

“Oh yes Belinda I do mean it.” Becky smiled. Belinda sat in silence as I finished my meal. I got up from the Table and hauled Lacey up with me. Becky pulled on her blouse and buttoned it. And we walked into the living room where the other girls were eating and watching television. “Girls I have an announcement to make while Keith is staying with us he will be the man of the house. He will make the rules and punish you if you misbehave. You will obey him and do whatever he says or face the consequences.”

“The first rule I want to make you all aware of is All girls are to be topless so lets see your tits” Becky slipped off her blouse just as Lacey walked in still topless. Megan pulled off her top next and unfastened her bra letting her large billowy breasts breathe. Tina my sister looked at the other girls and then me and then over at Trisha and pulled her t-shirt off revealing her smallish breasts which were topped with pink nipples that looked like tiny little titties sitting on top of them. Trisha followed her friend’s lead and peeled off her shirt as well exposing her developing breasts Trisha’s were bigger than Tina’s but they hadn’t gained the mass of her sisters’ or her mother’s breasts. Megan you and Belinda and Lacey are all old enough to be sex slaves like your mom. Tina and Trisha, I won’t pressure you all to do anything until you want to”

“If my sisters and my mom are sex slaves for you I want to be too” Trisha said.

“Yeah me too” said Tina which surprised me. Belinda just stood there for a minute and then peeled off her shirt too. I had my own room full of Tits.

Becky pulled me aside “I think you should punish Belinda”

“How I whispered?”

“Oh I’ll think of something be right back” She turned and walked into the kitchen, and returned a few seconds later with some Italian dressing and a carrot.

I looked at Becky and she pulled me close, I want you to lube her ass with this she said indicating the dressing, and shove this carrot up her ass. I looked at the carrot it was about seven inches long and as big around as a coke bottle at the end and had about eight inches of green sprouts coming out the end. This idea seemed a bit odd and humiliating but who was I to argue with a woman who would happily let me fuck her and her daughters in front of her. Hell it even looked like I could fuck my sister if I had a mind to, and the neighbor girl.

“Belinda strip” I said


“Strip or the girls will cut your clothes off” Belinda struggled with the buttons of her jeans and then slowly peeled them off “Come on panties too” she stepped out of her jeans and reached up to lower her yellow cotton underwear “Feet apart then and bend over and touch your toes” she did as she was told and I surveyed the smooth white moons of her ass. I slid my fingers across the surface like I was doing some sort of absurd military inspection. I took the bottle of salad dressing and squirted it on her ass she squealed.

“That’s cold”.

“You didn’t want to give me a blowjob earlier” this is your punishment.

“What?” she asked “oh… Oohhh!” she cried as I put the pointed end of the carrot into her little puckered pink hole. I slid it all the way in, oddly it slid easily, I pushed the last bit in and I watched as her ass closed around the green fronds at the top of the carrot. “Good, I said you could stand up now”
“Oh god this feels weird,” she said as she stood up.

“Okay lets have a look at you then” I said she stood up her hands half heartedly trying to cover her breasts and her pussy. “Hands at your sides” I said softly.
“I’m no…”

“Are you sure you want to defy me again Belinda? I’m sure I can find something else to make you do should I lock you out of the house with that carrot in your ass?” she dropped her hands. I examined her large breasts up close her small nipples were hard her pussy was covered with a dark brown almost black thatch of hair like her mother. I was curious now, were all pussies covered with hair?

“I need to get home” Lacey said

“You could stay over” Belinda said hopefully.

“I’ll call your mom and talk to her” Becky said.

“Better” I said “Why don’t you and I go over there with Lacey and then we can come back with her things.”

“That’s a great Idea” Becky said, Pulling on her blouse. The three of us walked the forty yards to Lacey’s house.

Lacey opened the door and yelled “Mom I’m home Ms Sanders is with me and Keith”

We walked into the entry way and heard her mom call back “I’m in my bedroom”

“Wait here a minute” Becky said so I took a seat on the couch in the living room. I waited a few minutes, really it was quite boring and normal considering everything that had happened today. “Keith could you come here a minute?” Becky asked.

“I followed her voice to a bedroom where I found her sitting on the bed next to a blonde woman I assumed was Lacey’s mom. “Keith this is Mrs. Johnson.”

“Becky please, Keith you can call me Miranda,” Miranda was the complete opposite skinny and blonde where as Becky was Brunette and bouncy, she actually jiggled like jello when she walked and her breasts were particularly hypnotic when the bounced. Miranda was wearing a solid white camisole and was on the bed leaning against the headboard.

“Nice to meet you Miranda” I said finally

“Becky says you have a harem of sex slaves?”


“You’re hoping to make my daughter one of them” she continued, “You should really leash your slaves, and keep the collared”


“Becky says you have a nice cock? And nearly fucked the shit out of her earlier” she smiled and got up from the bed “Well if your going to be fucking my daughter I want to make sure you do it right, and I expect you to knock her up too,” I was completely baffled by her monologue and was completely speechless “So lets see what you have shall we?” She smiled and shrugged out of her camisole. I looked at her large but pert breasts that were topped with large round areola and cigar thick nipples. There was a small triangle like an arrow pointing to the pouty lips of her pussy. I gasped as I saw it, she knelt down in front of me and opened my pants and pulled them down boxers and all before I could even react. “Oooh!” she said, “I see Becky and I have similar taste in cocks and with that she licked the tip causing me to shiver and moan.” I pulled her up from the ground by her shoulders.

“Bend her over and fuck her like the slut she is” Becky said from the corner up till now I had all but forgotten about her she was sitting in a chair one of her legs up and some fingers in her pussy. I pushed Miranda back on the bed and positioned my cock at the entrance to I watched as my cock pushed between the slippery bare lips, and I felt the muscles inside squeezing my cock, milking it. It was all I could do to thrust forward and she groaned in pleasure. I reached down and pulled her nipples as my hips found a rhythm.

“Suck my titties” she gasped cupping them and offering them to me, I leaned forward and sucked one of the thick nipples into my mouth. “Oooh yes Daddy fill me up!” I slammed my hips forward harder and harder with each stroke, my balls were beginning to come to a boil.

“I’m cumming” she gasped as her manicured fingers dug into my back

“Oh…” I shuddered as the first spasms of my orgasm hit me “Me too” I slammed forward burying my cock inside her as my cock spewed into Miranda’s pretty pussy. We lay together for a few minutes and caught our breath. I started to pull away, and Miranda dropped to her knees and sucked my cock causing me to thrust and my knees nearly went out on me. I looked down and Miranda sucked the last drops of cum from my cock.

“Can’t waste a drop” Miranda said smiling at me “I approve of you Keith if you fuck her like that I’m sure she will do whatever you want her to do, I’m tempted to be one of your fuck slaves myself.”

“Miranda?” I asked, “I wanted to know how you get your pussy like that”

“Practice” She grinned

“No I mean how do you get the hair like that?”

“Oh I shave it”

“You shave it I repeated”

“You like a bare pussy?” she asked

“Yeah its hard to see with all the hair”

“Well you can ask the girls to shave, though I think I’ll have Lacey waxed”


“Yes they put hot wax on the area you want stripped of hair and then they attach a piece of cloth to the wax, and rip it out”


Miranda smiled “It leaves the skin baby smooth though, does Belinda really have a Carrot in her ass?”

“Yes” I responded surprised by the turn in the conversation

“I would love to see that”

“I can call and have her come over” Becky said “By the way that was hot, I came twice while watching you two.”

“Please do” Miranda said walking out of the room Becky and I followed her into the kitchen. Becky was wearing just a blouse, which was open, and Miranda was naked and leaking cum onto her thighs. She handed Becky the phone.

You all want more? Let me know

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jenny - It's been way too long since i've been on here! As usual, you are amazing and Ava and Jake are famuos!!! hahaha Beautiful, Julie. xoxo

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